Diabetes deserves 365 days an year to be declared as diabetes day. Dr.M.K.Ragunathan

We walk (including the President Health Minister and other celebrities)on World Diabetes Day November 14th For this silent killer disease and forget about rest of the 364 days. It deserves 365 days an year to be declared diabetes day.Let’s remember :-
Thirty minutes of aerobic exercise (jogging/brisk walking ),bicycling ,swimming ,skipping ,can prevent diabetes if started early and delay complications developing or delay at least
There is nothing called “I have mild diabetes “nothing is more a myth than someone thinks he or she has mild or a tinge of diabetes
Diabetes occurring in pregnancy (gestational diabetes ) though your obstetricians never forget to tell you that with the delivery of your baby you are not a diabetic ,unless you change your diet and lifestyle you will end up as a diabetic so soon
If you have given birth to a child larger than 3.5kg ,you have greater risk of diabetes and check annually your sugar levels
To live a heathy life with diabetes (you can!), taking your tablets or insulin is not the thing,you need to check your sugar ,blood pressure and cholesterol levels too and keep under check
Please take diabetes seriously before it’s too late for you or your beloved ones

Consultant Physician